A few of you reached out and mentioned you gave it a try! I’m thrilled to hear about your experiences and also, answer a few questions.

So, why did I switch to mushroom coffee?

In 2018, I gave up on caffeine.

I stopped drinking coffee after my first trip abroad to Italy (funnily enough, of all places).

I realized I didn’t need it anymore, whereas before, I’d get crazy headaches if I didn’t have it first thing in the morning.

I accidentally weened myself off coffee during that trip by only drinking half the amount of my normal intake.

After hearing about Four Sigmatic on The Tim Ferriss Show many, many times, I decided to give it a try in 2020.

I didn’t want to become addicted to coffee again, so after reading it only had half the amount of caffeine (~50mg) as a normal cup of coffee (~100mg), I figured it would be okay.

There was also a promise of “not hitting the afternoon crash.” Tim’s constant praise for how well it allowed him and his team to focus made me want to see if he was right.

After drinking it now for the past two years, here’s my review:

It’s an acquired taste, if you drink it black with no creamer (my preferred way).

It doesn’t taste like mushrooms at all (for those of you who aren’t mushroom fans).

It’s effects last my entire work day. Results may differ from person to person, but I was fully off caffeine before switching over, which may have something to do with it.

The headaches and crashes are gone. If I skip a day, it won’t be the end of the world, and I don’t have to worry about headaches in the morning.

I have only drank the “Think” blend.

I’d be happy to answer any more questions about my experiences with mushroom coffee via email. It was great hearing from you, and again, thank you for reading and for your questions.

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