There are three words trending on Twitter today:

Ready. Player. One.

The future has officially arrived.

And it’s called Apple Vision Pro.

This new device is controversial and honestly, I found that surprising.

I completely understand what it is, what it’s for, and who it’s for.

Below are my takeaways from today’s WWDC 2023 keynote regarding this new computer of the future.

What’s a computer?

Apple showed us two years ago what they’ve been planning.

In the movie ”Swan Song”—created by Apple by the way—Mahershala Ali used almost identical hand gestures to operate an augmented interface displayed via contact lenses and glasses.

That is the future of computers we’re heading towards.

It all started today with this first device.

Before you know it, eventually all of your old devices will be replaced: phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and tv.

All you’ll need is a pocket. And probably even less than that.

The future of computers has been in front of us all along.

Designed, planned, and thought through.

Apple’s just been waiting for this day to arrive and get us started down this new path towards the future.


The sticker price wasn’t shocking to me for two reasons:

  1. Leaks predicted it was going to cost around $3,000.
  2. It’s a new type of computer that happens to sit on your face.

When you compare it to the other “computers” mentioned during the keynote, the price point falls in between a Mac Studio and a Mac Pro.

This isn't a gaming device.

This isn't a VR headset.

This isn't a toy.

It’s a computer.

Naming Conventions

Hardware I wasn’t sure what they were going to call this new device.

But “Vision Pro” seems odd, and it feels even more off when compared to the other devices in Apple’s lineup.

My main gripe is that the other names actually describe what the “thing” is, rather than a feature of something. The closest is the “Mac Studio,” whose name I also wasn’t a big fan of when it was announced last year. Yet again, the Mac pre-fix makes it semi-okay.

It’s also interesting they launched a Pro device prior to a non-pro device — side tangent, why not just call the Mac Pro "Mac Studio Pro" for more consistency?

I’m guessing the non-pro version will be called “Vision + something else” because “Vision” on its own just feels wrong.

Maybe we’ll see a “Vision Air” or ”Vision Max” in the future.

Software I was sure they were going to call the new software “realityOS,” but I was wrong.

Naming it “visionOS” makes sense, only because it ties into the device’s name.

Chip What seems weird to me is the naming of the chip as “R1,” which makes me think “realityOS” was still in play but someone forgot to tell the chip department.

Wouldn’t it have made more sense to call it the “V1” chip? It’s more catchy, and it’s the first version of this chip, which I’m sure people would point out (v1, get it?), but c’mon, it was right there for the taking.

Release Date

While Apple shared language that was very vague (and very Apple) about when this device would be released, I’m guessing it’ll actually be pushed from early 2024 to holidays of 2024.

Even Disney’s CEO Bob Iger carefully chose his words about when the Disney+ app will be available on the device, saying “at launch.”

Fingers crossed it won’t be anything further than that.

Otherwise, I think the risk is something close to the “Airpower” debacle.

I don’t think they wouldn’t ship it, but who knows what could happen in a year from now.

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